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Remedy for skin, self and planet

Next generation of BIOactive skincare

vegan | toxin free | zero plastic | made in melbourne

Give The Gift of Slow

Science Meets Wisdom

A moment of reconnection

This world-first Moisturiser Stone is a solid skincare that delivers breakthrough skincare results and multisensorial benefits, elevating our skincare routine to a vital moment of reconnection with our selves and nature.

The wisdom of Australian native botanicals combines with the science of next-gen bioactives to restore your skin's natural balance and glow. The Stone gradually disappears with use, leaving no trace behind.

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Pillars of Quality

Discover the ReMI Difference

Waterless, solid skincare with concentrated actives to restore skin's radiance

Undiluted blend of Australian native botanicals and next-gen bioactives

Minimalist routine creating a moment of reconnection

4-in-1 products that simplify your routine, letting you slow down and set your intentions

Multisensorial benefits to enhance your sense of self

Velvety texture, radiant colour, rounded contours, mood-enhancing aromas. Handmade pieces to bring art to your every day.

Circular design and practices to minimise environmental impact

Circular design principles are employed every step of the way. No toxins, no plastics.

Simple and powerful


Restore your skin's natural radiance with ReMI Moisturiser Stone, the world's first 4-in-1 solid moisturiser. By day, hydrate and protect with native botanicals and BLUE Oléoactif®. At night, rejuvenate with BIOME Oléoactif® for cell renewal. Waterless and concentrated, this Moisturiser ensures your skin is balanced, nourished and radiant. Perfect for every skin type.

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Seals of Trust



The healing power of Australian botanicals is combined with clinically-backed bioactives to protect our skin from environmental aggressors and restore its natural radiance.

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Our Moisturiser Stones are handmade in small batches at our own artisanal lab in Fitzroy, Melbourne to deliver exceptional freshness, performance, and quality.

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Creativity and collaboration can positively impact the global plastic crisis and climate change. ReMI strives to make this change a beautiful experience.

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How ReMI is making changes

Real Stories, Radiant Skin

"This is a new experience in my self-care routine. I very much enjoyed the silky application and adore the fresh scent of the natural ingredients."



"This is the innovation we've all been waiting for."



"An amazing product that gets rid of so much packaging in my skincare routine. Feels incredible to use."



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